Clogged Drain: Call a Plumber or Do it Myself?

My Drain Is Clogged What to Do?

Calling a plumber Vs Drain Chemicals

Two basin steel kitchen sink

So, your drain is clogged, you now have a choice to make, do you call a plumber, which could cost around $180.00 and up, or do you buy a bottle of Drano for around $8.00

For most consumers the $8.00 option seems like a no-brainer, so why call a plumber when you can clear your drain with chemicals and save your money?

Drano works by its corrosive ability to eat away at almost anything in its path through a dangerous chemical reaction, unfortunately, that includes your pipes as well. The chemicals will only eat enough of the blockage to allow itself to pass through, oftentimes leaving you with a seemingly clear drain, for a very short period of time.

Plumbers will clear your drain using a steel cable(in the trades referred to as a “Snake”) that will not only remove the blockage but when done correctly and with the appropriate equipment and attachments, will prolong the life of your drain by cleaning the walls in the process and ensuring your drain stays clearer, longer.

Consumers that pour Drain cleaners down their drain can expect to have the life expectancy of their drains reduced to half. The chemical reaction eats away at the drain which will often leave you with a much larger repair bill at a later date.

The chemicals that are poured into your drain are extremely corrosive and hazardous to your health, so, if you’re not careful, you just might blind yourself in the process or worse!.

Here’s an interesting story of someone that did just that:

It’s important to remember that all chemicals that go down the drain will ultimately return to our drinking water supply.

Studies show that water treatment plants are having a much harder time cleaning our drinking water today due to an “exaggerated amount of chemicals and drugs” that are being poured down the drains.

In conclusion, even though the drain cleaner seems like a cheaper option, calling a professional is always the best option to avoid any health hazards and a much larger repair bill in the future.