5 Post Hurricane Plumbing Problems to Watch For

Now that everyone is returning back to their homes after the major evacuation from Florida we wanted to keep you informed about some problems you might be coming home to.Man cleaning flood

1. Toilets not draining as fast as usual?

Schedule a Sewer Line Inspection – Sewer lines are located underground, storm surges and flooding may cause the lines to shift and not drain properly. Having your sewer line inspected will help avoid any future issues with your drain and should be done by a professional.

2. Hidden water leaks?
Keep an Eye Out for Water Leaks – It’s common for leaks to spring up after a hurricane. If the pipes were under stress or if parts of your home were damaged, the pipes could also burst or sustain damage that causes leaks. Inspect your water meter while no water is running in the home, if the meter is running you likely have a slab leak. These water leaks require immediate attention from a professional to avoid further flooding, damage, and an exaggerated water bill.

3. Hot water not as hot?
Water heaters exposed to external water can be shorted out and lose some or all functionality. If you notice a loss in hot water, it’s very likely that one of the heaters elements may have shorted out. This can cause water to be warm but not as hot.  The hot water heater isn’t an “all or nothing” device, you can lose part of its heating ability and it still partly work.  We can take a look and inspect it for you.

4. Is your gas line leaking?
High winds, strong precipitation, and debris flying through the air can also damage your gas lines. In the event of a hurricane, always check your gas lines for potential leaks. Signs of a gas leak include smelling rotten eggs or noticing a hissing sound coming from the line. A gas line leak is dangerous because natural gas is flammable and toxic to humans. If you suspect a gas leak, call for a fast repair and inform the gas company right away to keep your family safe.

5. Something doesn’t seem right
Call a Professional – If there are any problems with your plumbing, you want an upgrade, or something that just doesn’t seem right, call a professional to take a look. We are currently doing a low fee discount of $39.95 for a house call to review your overall system and make recommendations for repair or let you know you have a solid plumbing system that stormed this hurricane well.Post Hurricane Damage

If you have any questions about something off at your home feel free to comment below, contact us online, or call us at (954) 800-6364!! We do plumbing repair and upgrades for the Hollywood, Miramar, Pembroke Pines, Davie, Hallandale Beach, Aventura, Dania Beach, Miami Lakes, and Hialeah, FL area.