Master Plumber vs Plumber in Florida: What’s the Difference?

Wondering what the difference is between a master plumber and a plumber in Florida? When you need plumbing work done, knowing the difference helps to ensure you’re making the right decision when hiring someone for the job.

It’s not just about a difference in licensing. There are certifications that vary by state as well. One of the most important differences between these two titles though is that master plumbers have much more experience. They are also usually more familiar with managing businesses and can handle the biggest plumbing problems.Master plumber written on chalkboard. What is a Journeyman Plumber?

What is a Journeyman Plumber?

A plumber, known as a journeyman plumber, has less experience and tends to focus on the plumbing parts of their job. To become a journeyman plumber, one must be able to fix blockages, install pipes and fixtures in compliance with building codes, work with all types of plumbing systems, plan and develop systems for new construction, retrofit plumbing in existing homes and buildings, and understand how to handle environmental issues, to name a few.

Plumbers generally start out as trainees or apprentice plumbers that work with a master plumber to gain their experience as they work toward one day being certified as a master plumber themselves. As time goes on, a master plumber will likely supervise less. To earn the title of a master plumber, the journeyman plumber must pass an exam that varies by state.

Fancy bathroom worked on by a journeyman plumber

What is a Master Plumber?

In Florida, obtaining a plumber’s license requires that one must have at least four years of experience to get the journeyman plumbing license, be 18 years of age or older, pass the exam, and complete an apprenticeship. To move on to the master plumber level, a journeyman plumber must get a contractor’s license and a plumber’s license. This means 7 years minimum experience with 2 of those years being spent serving as a journeyman plumber.

For those looking to obtain a license at the master plumber level, you must obtain both your contractor’s and plumber’s license. The plumber’s license requires you to have the appropriate training to qualify, at least seven years’ experience, two of which must be spent as a journeyman. A contractor’s license is also required for you to do business in the state.

Master plumbers can’t get their license in Florida until they have proof of insurance. This is good news for Floridians who need plumbing work done. While you should never hire anyone for any type of handiwork, plumbing included, without proper proof of insurance, credentials, or certifications, it’s good to know that a real master plumber isn’t allowed to operate without them.

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