Florida School Plumbing Problems Warning!

Do you have a child in school here in South Florida? Did you know that Florida doesn’t require schools to test or even filter the drinking water? That means every time your child stops by the water fountain to refresh after PE class, they might be drinking in contaminants.

What’s most alarming is that, according to WFTV, there are 1,751 schools in the state that were built before 1987. Back then, lead was still used in the piping systems. Once the lead was found to be a cause of contamination, industry standards changed. At Watermen Plumbing, we should know. We’ve been hard at work trying to replace these old, outdated pipes in schools, businesses, and homes all across South Florida.

Sick child in bed

Seminole County to the north has instituted voluntary supplemental testing since 2018 in an attempt to make the schools a better place. There are 46 schools built before 1986 in Seminole County’s public school district, all of them without any issues. Other counties soon followed suit, though down here, it’s another issue altogether.

A bill was filed this year that mandated filters to be applied to all outlets of drinking water in older buildings to prevent the consumption of tainted water. It passed unanimously, but the Senate stalled it and it was never heard in the House because some members barked at the installation costs.

Interestingly, the costs of installing filters like these are nominal compared to the larger costs everyone suffers from outdated plumbing. Among them, health issues can arise which are far more costly. Isn’t it better to spend the money now to fix the problem and keep it from getting out of hand, which becomes a larger expense?

At Watermen Plumbing, we think so. In fact, we pride ourselves on keeping South Florida’s water clean and safe. With affordable pricing, we can help you tackle all your plumbing needs so you can be sure your pipes are current and aren’t exposing you, your family, or the customers of your businesses to toxic chemicals in the water.

Additionally, we can also add filtration systems so that the water you use for drinking, bathing, and cleaning your clothes at home is pristine. We can do that for your business or entity as well, from schools to offices and everywhere in between. We know water and we know to plumb. Clean water is something every American deserves.

Worried about your water? Call us today and we’ll help you gain peace of mind with a cleaner solution. Our goal is to help solve the problems for the water situation in South Florida, for schools, and for everyone that lives here to make it the best place to live!