Would This Anti-Scale System Defeat Godzilla?


Imagine if the military had a weapon that could remove the scales from Godzilla or any other creature of its size? This would change the “scales” of war, wouldn’t it? On a more realistic level….. did you know that in your plumbing that water ends up leaving scales behind from minerals that can become impenetrable too….. This system I’m going to discuss can remove the scales and allow water to flow freely and cleanly again.


Water over 7gpg is considered hard water. Over 80% of Americans live in hard water areas. This leaves signs of calcium and magnesium build-up / scaling which are clear to identify to the trained eye in the home. Consider a simple water heater flush, for example. 

Scale forms and sticks where the temperature increases and/or the pressure decreases (shower heads, faucets, fixtures, appliances, water heaters, boilers, etc.) 

Flow-Tech Home stops scale by causing minerals to stick together, flowing through and during the drain, instead of sticking to the plumbing system. Only Flow-Tech works at the time, whether water is flowing or not because the signal travels in the water. (Sold exclusively through reputable service contractors and TESTING IS REQUIRED) 

Flow-Tech descales existing lime scale buildup through the plumbing system and extends useful life.

This green product uses as much energy as a night light, lessens soap/detergent requirements, and has no water waste or maintenance. It can pay for itself in as little as a few years.

Comparison with and without flow-tech home


  • The standard home unit fits up to 1.5″ pipe 
  • The waterproof enclosure allows for interior or exterior installation
  • Unit is installed at the water heater on the cold water line and jumped over to the hot water line so the signal has propagated both ways throughout the structure.
  • Must be plugged into a grounded outlet and tested on-site. 


  1. Flow-Tech Home Anti-scale is NOT A FILTER 
  2. Flow-Tech Filter is NOT A DESCALER 
  3. Flow-Tech Home Anti-Scale is not a Softener, but it does stop the harmful effects of scale and retains beneficial minerals in the water 
  4. Flow-Tech Home Anti-scale protects the home, Flow-Tech Pure Filter protects the family

Comparing flow-tech home checks

Removes or greatly reduces Chlorine and/or Chloramine 

(Chlorine + Ammonia=Chloramine) minute shower as drinking 8 glasses of municipal water 

Filtering out chlorine protects plumbing systems from Our carbon filter has an average lifespan of 10+ years for a family of 4 with standard water use (10×54 tank has 1.5 cubic feet of carbon and can filter up to 1.5 mil. gallons of water and the 13×54 tank has 2 cubic feet of carbon and can filter up 2 million Gallons of water on avg.) — carbon can be replaced when exhausted 

These filters allow us to us bottle our own water so we resources and protect our family from innpurities in WHAT MAKES THIS FILTER THE BEST: 

100% off the best media – no fillers – everything you need and nothing that you don’t 

Uses an average of 73% less water to self-clean due 

Carbon choices (CX/catalytic ca on Chloramine removal/reducti ( Professional Installation and ser works 3x faster

Descaling system


  • 10×54 Filter peak flow-rate of 18 gpm fits up to 1″ inlet (up to 4 bathrooms) 
  • 13×54 Filter peak flow-rate of 24 gpm come with a 1.25″ inlet (4+ bathrooms) 
  • Programmed to regenerate every 3 weeks or 3,000 gallons for 6 minutes (5.3 gals./min) Set regeneration time per your clients’ lifestyle Water can be reused for irrigation by plumbing a leach line drilling holes every 3-4 inches to accommodate water flow during regeneration. Do not restrict flow. 
  • Valve should be kept out of the sun. A VALVE COVER is available for weather protection 
  • Unit can be buried (leave minimum 18 in of tank above ground)